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Full Version: PO Entry Form Issue - Prev and Next buttons are disabled
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WebERP version 4.14.1.

The Previous and next buttons are disabled all the time. The rows set to 25 for user and system prefs.

Any help and direction will be appreciated.

I suspect what is actually happening is caused by the "Only items defined as from this Supplier" being reset to on whenever you press the next button, and this is causing the list to become less than 25 records.

In PO_Items.php insert the following code at line 1152:

if (isset($_POST['SupplierItemsOnly'])) {
$Checked = 'checked';
} else {
$Checked = '';

and then make the echo statement that follows it:

echo '</select></td>
<td>' . _('Enter text extracts in the description') . ':</td>
<td><input type="text" name="Keywords" size="20" maxlength="25" value="' . $_POST['Keywords'] . '" /></td></tr>
<tr><td>' . _('Only items defined as from this Supplier') . ' <input type="checkbox" ', $Checked, ' name="SupplierItemsOnly" ';

This should work,
Hi Tim,

Thanks a stack. The navigation works great. However it does not add items with order quantities to the order items. Is that possible?

Thanks in advance.

Assuming you have it enabled in the system parameters then it will create a second line for the new quantity, it won't add the quantity to the previous line. This is by design as it may well be you want the same item delivered on different days.


Maybe I am not understanding the form logic. The point that I wanted to make was that the items that I chose on the first page by adding the quantities was not disgarded when I pressed the Next button. I wanted to know, if it was possible to page through the 180 items and add items to the current po by entering the order qnty and add the lines to the po on the last page. Currently items with order qnty's are disgarded, only the last page items are added to the order.
Ah I see your point, sorry I misunderstood. The answer however is that it isn't possible to do that currently, any quantities you enter on the first page will be lost when you move onto the next page unless you specifically add them to the order.
Tim thanks for the explanation. I will make sure that I add them before I move to the next page.

Thanks again.
Tim, is the change that you suggested above in post #2 needed?

I'm not sure, based on the "confusion" in subsequent posts.

If so, I'll make the change AND give you the credit. Smile
Yes it does still need committing.

Tim, looking back at the code for this, the condition to add a check exists, but it is done in an 'after output' kind of way...

At line 1155, the checkbox is checked by default.
Then just after that, the condition at line 1156 has the potential to add a second 'checked' even though one already exists at line 1155.

Should we use the handling you proposed? ... which would not have that checkbox checked by default. If so, then the condition block at line 1156-1158 could go away.

Maybe it's a simple (easier?) matter to remove the first 'checked' from the input at line 1155 but this would still not leave the checkbox checked by default as has been happening now. Then the condition at 1156 will set the check after the POST.

[hope that explanation is not too confusing] Though your example handling is probably best to avoid the double-checked matter that could happen as it exists now.
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