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Full Version: UAT Outline
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I don't know if this belongs in this forum section so please move as fit.

I created a small DB with all the features in webERP from a "user click" perspective. The DB has a very simple structure based upon:

Module - The menu tabs on the left and on the top
Section- The section the hyperlink action lives in
Action - The name of the hyperlink action itself

I did this so I can be sure I have touched everything a user can click and also so I can verify we actually need the feature enabled and at what point in our needs (short-term or long-term).

When I did the ECi M1 ERP implementation at one of my customer sites I noticed ECi provides a sort of Road Map similar to this, just not as comprehensive as what I have developed here.

If any of you can use this I will gladly share. Also... If any of you already have something similar will you share?