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Full Version: Tax Report - Missing File Extension - SOLVED
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Main Menu > General Ledger > Tax Reports

When the PDF is generated it is missing the ".pdf" file extension on the file name.

Fixed by changing line 314 in Tax.php...

$pdf->OutputD($_SESSION['DatabaseName'] . '_Tax_Report_' . Date('Y-m-d'));

$pdf->OutputD($_SESSION['DatabaseName'] . '_Tax_Report_' . Date('Y-m-d') . '.pdf');
Hi Paul,

This has been fixed in the trunk since the last release.
In addition to this fix, I have done some other work on the Petty Cash Expenses module in recent times, with help from Tim. There is now provision to enter tax for each expense, and also you can now upload a receipt image/file to each expense entry.

Thank you Andy!

Do we have any idea when the next version of webERP will be released and available? It appears a lot of work has been done so I am eager to see it.