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Full Version: Bug fixes
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I keep sending fixes to bugs that people report on this forum but they are not being applied. Some of them go back months.

A few people have privately suggested to me that I create a separate repository that can contain mainline webERP plus the unapplied bug fixes, and then if/when they are eventually applied to the mainline they can be reverted. To be honest I have put them off as I don't really want to get involved on that level, but if anybody is interested they can email me on

Tim, I did see the two that you 'bumped' yesterday, unfortunately, I've not yet come back around to those. Undecided

However, I'll try to get those submitted this week, unless someone else beats me to it first.

I have committed others fixes/changes that you have posted in the past, but I guess those two "fell through the cracks!" Tongue
Hi Paul, yes I saw you had committed a couple of them - I seem to remember I thanked you at the time. Like the current ones I had bumped those at least once. However there are quite a few I don't bother to bump, I just post the fix and move on.

When I am back in office I will try to point some out.

Thanks for your help,
The two 'bumped' Tim changes mentioned by me, above, have been committed to SVN: revision 7813
Thanks Paul.
Thanks for uploading these Paul Smile