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Full Version: ChartDetails Error
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Please i encountered this error when i ran a tag report for a particular tag via GLAccountInquiry.php;

"There are differences between the sum of the transactions and the recorded movements in the ChartDetails table.

A log of the account differences for the periods report shows below

Period: -3Account movement per transaction: 6,000.00 Movement per ChartDetails record: 16,000.00 Period difference: -10,000.000"

I ran the repost GL Transactions and Chart Details Balance Bfwd utilities but i still get the same problem. I had this problem earlier and it was corrected with the above utilities, but now that it's happened again, i'm wondering if the account balances and reports are accurate.

If I changed the tag selection to "All tags", i don't get the error. I'm worried cos, I'm not sure the postings or account balances/report might be accurate.

What do I do to correct the error and how can i be sure that the account postings, balances and reports are correct.

I'm getting similar results, but I guess the Tx is OK.

Just, when you filter by tag, some of the components of the tx are not displayed, so it seems unbalanced.

I propose it should be an IF statement to only show the unbalanced warning if tags selected = all tags