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Full Version: Premature end of script headers save.php
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Hi All,

I am trying to install WebERP. The script installs tables to the database and then ends prematurely with the error as follows

Premature end of script headers: save.php

The config.php is created and I am prompted with the login screen however I am unable to login with the admin credentials given during installation. Also the www_users table is empty.

I have checked permissions and ownership of all files OK.

Any ideas.


Hi Tim,

Sorry for the lack of info.

WebERP 4.09.1

CentOS 6.3 Final.

This machine is a virtual host. I do have root access to the machine.


Initially I got this with your save.php

PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '{' in /home/talonit/public_html/accounts/install/save.php on line 195

Then I found the "i" in "if" at the beginning of line 195 was missing. I added the i.

Now I am getting "Error: Please enter a database name" even though it is filled in and "Please note: PHP Session Support may appear disabled if your browser does not support cookies."

I manually added my site to accept cookies earlier today.

PHP Version 5.1.0 also.

PS I appreciate your help
Getting an error that the "The absolute path you entered is incorrect."