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Full Version: Create and Execute a "Work Order"that auto issues component parts
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Hi Weberp Users,

Using the Open Source, cross platform, Flow Chart application "UMLet" I have had a go at constructing a flowchart for "creating and executing a Work Order that auto issues component parts".

This is an attempt to aid new users who may be stuck at this stage as I was.

[Image: weberp-work-order-flowchart.jpg]

The source and a pdf are available at :-
UMLet source:


Please advise any errors or help yourself to the source and correct it yourself Smile

Nice :-)
can you put thiat into the weberp wiki? That would help others in the future.
(01-29-2012, 03:52 AM)opto Wrote: [ -> ]can you put thiat into the weberp wiki? That would help others in the future.

I can't as I've never edited an official wiki (and don't have the time to learn how), besides doesn't have a lot of detailed webERP info anyway.

Someone who knows how to edit the wiki page could put a link back to this forum on it and avoid the duplication ?
I think Klaus is referring to the web-site - which is itself a wiki. I think you will like wiki's Terry - definitely worth the effort. Any registered user can add/delete content - I protect certain pages.

I have uploaded the file using the instructions on the wiki at

The wiki page is at:
Hi Phil and Klaus,

Apologies Klaus I misunderstood what you meant Smile

Phil, the WiKi looks a lot like Wordpress ;-) and my flowchart looks kind of massive in it, so Ill try and do my next one a bit smaller if possible. I plan a complete set as I slowly come to grips with WebERP.

I use "Zim" on the PC I'm typing on now as it's a *fast* non HTTP WiKi to save all my notes. I pretty much paste its content to external WiKi sites if the content is useful.

Kind of similar....

I expect your notes will be of great help to others digging in to figure out webERP logic.
Aa full set of such flow charts would make webERP the best documented ERP system around! BRILLIANT!
Hi Phil,
I hope so, because WebERP deserves the very best documentation I can produce, but I'm still waiting for someone to find that 'deliberate error' ;-) in the first flowchart!

Don't be shy folks, if you find a error, I'll see that your name is mentioned in dispatches for my next article, which is almost ready for the SQL learners amongst usSmile