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Full Version: minimum bank account setup, help please
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Hi, can anyone please explain the absolute minimum bank account configuration required in order to pay a PO?

I think I might lose my mind before I figure out what I'm doing wrong. I'm trying to demo how webERP could be used within an engineering department for product lifecycle management (creating and managing internal part numbers including purchase information, and access drawings and other documents in the knowledge base), as well as *basic* purchasing and manufacturing. However, webERP will NOT be used to run the company, the exiting system (likely QuickBooks) will be used for the actual financials. The engineering department team will do most of their purchasing for prototype builds using an engineering department credit card, which is settled monthly following the employee expense report process.

The engineering department will use webERP to manage internal part numbers (and associated vendor and OEM part numbers), create BOMs and manage building prototypes. They will use webERP to generate an order list for the parts needed to build a prototype based on a BOM, track stock on hand and on order, and generate a pick list for the prototype build (removing the parts from stock). Production manufacturing will be done by a third-party contract manufacturer, and only part numbers for finished goods will be created in the company financial system (i.e. QuickBooks).

The first part (parts/items, BOMs, purchase data, and the Knowledge Base) was easy, and so was issuing a PO, receiving goods against the PO and creating a vendor invoice, but I can't for the life of me figure out what's wrong with my bank accounts. I've tried comparing my configuration with both the build-in demo company as well as the demo on, but I don't see anything that stands out.

Please see the screenshots in a a work-in-progress blog post.

Many thanks in advance!

First question would be are you sure you have the authorisation to use the bank account?

Nice documentation for purchasing cycle :-) I'll link this in the wiki if I may?
@Tim, I'm not sure what you mean. My login has role System Administrator, which I first thought would be enough to do anything but I did have to separately add PO authorization ($10K), nothing else though. Where do I configure access to the bank account? Fwiw, I used the default chart of accounts, but I'm not sure if I setup the accounts correctly in the company preferences (I tried to be consistent with the demo and manual, but confess I didn't really know what I was doing).

@Phil, I'm glad you liked the tutorial. I want to finish the purchasing post, then go back to the PLM post and add an ECO process, and finally a new post showing how to purchase from a BOM (and create swim-lane process charts for the activities, just like SAP docs ;-)). You're welcome to link to the posts from the wiki. Would you prefer to have the content actually in the wiki? I would be happy to send you a copy of the content (text and screenshots), then you're not dependent on my blog.

Fyi, the next post (after completing everything already started) will be on manufacturing, then I'd like to get back to figuring out a process for project management.

Thanks for your help, I really appreciate it.

Dale, under the general ledger / maintenance menu there is an option for "Bank Account Authorised Users". Use this to add authorisation for your user on that bank account.

Woo hoo! I added authorization for myself to all the bank accounts. Thanks Tim. Back to finishing the post....

By the way, I accidentally first tried accessing Main > General Ledger > Maintenance > GL Account Authorised Users, and get this error: "The security settings on your account do not permit you to access this function". I also tried using the "admin" user (that was created during install) and get the same error. Is this correct?

For some reason the security settings for that script haven't been setup for your installation. Try the following SQL:

INSERT INTO `scripts` VALUES ('BankAccountUsers.php',15,'Maintains table bankaccountusers (Authorized users to work with a bank account in webERP)');

Yes - might be better in the manual itself if you could email me the html and screen shots.
Hi Tim, I'm not sure that's the problem. I looked at the scripts table and it already seems to already have an entry for BankAccountUsers.php (with pagesecurity = 15).

Is it possible I didn't perform some configuration step? Is there a general process you would recommend to start debugging? More pragmatically, is it likely I will need to access Main > General Ledger > Maintenance > GL Account Authorised Users for what I'm doing now?

[Image: hDpqQLv.png]

@phil, where would you put the content from blog posts in the manual? (existing section? new section?) Is the manual developed in the project together with the code? Could I do the work and submit a patch? I would still want direction for where to put the content, but I'd be interested in working through the submit process.

Yes the manual is in the SVN repository with the code.
I'd just stick it in the relevant section. If you could build into the existing html scripts that would be exceptional!
or possibly a new script PurchasingWalkThrough.html
that is linked within these two above might be better to keep it as it is.

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