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Full Version: Survey for WebERP adopters
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Hello there,

Currently, I'm writing my master thesis at the University of Maastricht about free open-source ERP software and the prejudices everyone has about it. I think a lot of these preconceptions are wrong and therefore ask you guys, as fellow open source software adopters, to participate in my survey. It would greatly help me and expand the literature about free and open source software.

Please follow this link if you would like to participate (<10 minutes, 30 statements):

Note that questions can seem repetitive, unfortunately this is required for academic studies.
If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to reply to this post.

Thanks in advance,
- 20 valid responses
>> 12 different countries
>> 50% micro companies
>> 8 different systems

Good expectations of costs, reliability, customizability and security
Neutral to low expectations of support

All expectation aspects are confirmed, except for support that is not supported.

Also, the results show that each aspect was perceived to be better at the adopting stage than its current stage.

PM me your mail adres if u want the full report