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Full Version: how to change language to arabic ?
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hey all ..

i started translate the script to arabic . by editing " /webERP4.08.4/locale/ar_EG.utf8/LC_MESSAGES/messages.po "

but when upload file to server and browse the erp don't see any change !!
although chose " Arabic Egyptian " from Demonstration user

where's the problem ?
You need to create a new file using the gettext utility msgfmt. If you use the poedit software to edit the messages.po then this utility can create the file too - if you are not comfy with the command line:

#cd webERP4.08.4/locale/ar_EG.utf8/LC_MESSAGES
#msgfmt messages.po


by terminal
" messages.po:1215:16: invalid control sequence
msgfmt: found 1 fatal error "

how to make it by poedit ?? from whare ? ^_^
Well go into messages.po and have a look at line 1215 - fix that line then try again.
I'd suggest google poedit will give you what you need.


thanx man ^_^