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Full Version: Silent Printing for webERP (POS oriented)
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Hi all:
After few months, I finally can share the Point Of Sale with Silent Printing, using WebClientPrint from NeoDynamic (

It was the best option for me to integrate with webERP, and after few setup hiccups, it is up-and-running.

In the attached folder you will find:
• CounterSalesTest.php: An empty CounterSales.php file, I used for test. It should be useful if you need to set Silent printing up.
• PrintPOSFile.php: script that is called from every file via includes/wcpInitScript.php
• Includes/wcpInitFile.php: Include containing all code needed to use Silent Printing from any webERP script
• Includes/wcpESCPOSCommands.php containing some code to help formatting the printout.
• Includes/WebClientPrint contains the files doing the actual printing (NeoDynamic files). I just changed the file to use $RootPath so it’s webERP compatible.
• Wcpcache folder: Temporary folder needed to print.
I tried to bury the wcpcache folder inside includes/WebClientPrint fodler, but I faced many issues, only solved with ahrdcoded cache folders set in line 27 of WebClientPrint.php

Besides this minor issue (I already spend too many hours to work it out, and I gave up), it’s working OK on my installation.

Instalaltion of WebClientPrint client software in client machines was straight forward.

Support received from Leo at Neodynamic was good and patient. License fees seemed reasonable for me (way cheaper than developing it!).

Hope it helps!