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Full Version: [SOLVED] Problem with Supplier Payment Allocation
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I'm facing an issue when I trying to allocate a supplier payment to the corresponding invoices, here's a screenshot:


The amount I try to allocate is 6,960.07 (full payment), but webERP keeps telling me that the total amount I'm trying to allocate is 6,960.08, while the actual payment was one cent less.


I'm sure the problem is because of rounding differences.

How could I solve or at least work around that?


Try changing line 85 (approx) of SupplierAllocations.php from

$TotalAllocated += $_POST['Amt' . $AllocCounter];


$TotalAllocated += round($_POST['Amt' . $AllocCounter],$_SESSION['Alloc']->CurrDecimalPlaces);

and see if that works.

Wonderful, works like a charm!

Thank you, Tim!