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Hi guys, op you are fine, my business requires me to transfer items from warehouse to a workcenter for production, We want to control this from inventory(warehouse ) so we issue a delivery note and production people will receive using a receive note, How can i accomplish this in weberp, i was thinking of creating another virtual production location(warehouse) so they can transfer to them but how will this link with workcenters.Or any alternative suggestion?

I am aware there is a transfer note from warehouse to warehouse but i want a transfer note from warehouse to workcenters.
Each work centre has a location attached to it so you could attach your "virtual production location" to the work centre and transfer the stock there.

Thanks Falkoner it worked
There isa question my Boss has raised the present system Sage Pastel allows one to setup a component in the BOM more than once ie the same component with different quantities what is the effect if i can allow the same in weberp
There would be repercussions in the work order processes, but I would have to go back and remind myself exactly what would need to be done.

oK thats fine lem wait for you Falkoner will real appreciate your reply, i feel the same i think the best thing is to add accumulated quantities of each component to the BOM, since they need different quantities of a component at each stage in a multistage processing then we can issue this quantites to work order in different quantities. The problem now becomes if i need a report of the original BOM quantities?