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Full Version: Unable to login with correct user name and password
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Tried to login this morning with my usual admin and password combo but it gave me the error;

incorrect password
The user/password combination
is not a valid user of the system

I have reset the password in the database with phpmyadmin. I have also checked the file permissions for the weberp directory, just in case the host has reset them but they all seems ok. Huh

I am able to login with an employee account that I created in setup, but I need to login to the main admin account again to continue setting things up.

What can I do next?


You cannot use phpmyadmin directly. Just revise the password back for admin, and the password is 'f0f77a7f88e7c1e93ab4e316b4574c7843b00ea4'. It's hashed password-weberp.

Then you can modify your password with setup->user maintenance. Then edit it.

Best regards!

Exson, That worked perfectly!
Many thanks Big Grin
Dear Exon,

Then, is it i actually a security breach?

any one with this hash can logon to any account and could tamper the whole system.
Please clarify...

No - Exson's post just explains how to set the password using phpMyAdmin - if anyone has access to phpMyAdmin then this is the security breach as any data is visible can be changed etc.

to set the password in mysql client or phpMyAdmin use:

UPDATE www_users SET password=sha1('my_new_password') WHERE userid='my_user_id';

where 'my_new_password' is your new password in plain text and
where 'my_user_id' is your webERP username