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Full Version: Process Tenders and Offers
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Hi everybody,

I am using Web ERP version 4.12.3 and i am testing out a number of transactions before i go live.

I created a new tender and invited 3 vendors to submit the offers into the system. All seemed to be updated correctly.

However, after loging in with the appropriate authorisation credentials and go to "Process Tenders and Offers" i get the following massage:

"INFORMATION Message : There are no offers outstanding that you are authorised to deal with"

Even if i log on as System Admin same thing, its like the offers have just diapered.

Is this a bug or i may have done something wrong?
Hi, I think that the Process option was for dealing with responses to the tenders from the suppliers. So the supplier would log in using a supplier only login and see what tenders they have been sent. They can then reply to this tender by creating an offer, and then you should see it here.

At least I think so but I haven't the code in front of me and its been a few years since I wrote this stuff Smile

Hi Tim,

Thanks for the response, That's exactly what i did. The offers where all entered and updated using the supplier only login, but when the other users login the tenders are no where to be seen. Not even on the Edit Existing Tenders screen.

Ok Ed I will gove it a look as soon as I can get to a machine

Thanks Tim, waiting with anticipation.

Hi Ed, sorry for the delay I have been away and only just got around to this. I have run through the procedure here and it seems to work for me.

Does the user have permission to create purchase orders for this currency?

Hi Tim,

The "Can create tenders" option under Setup, User Maintenance is set to YES. And the users are authorised for this currency under "Purchase Order Authorisation Maintenance".

What am i missing, is there some where else i am supposed to make changes from?

Hi Ed,

I think the problem is the required by date. It is intended that the tender should be automatically closed once the required by date has passed, however looking at Phil's code it is assumed to be closed on or after the required by date. Try setting this field in the tender to some point in the future and see if it works then.



I have run through the procedure here and it seems to work for me.
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