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Error is in line 244 of Countersales.php - need to correct spelling error to decimalplaces

Database Error : There is a problem selecting the part records to display because
Unknown column 'stockmaster.decmimalplaces' in 'field list'

Database SQL Failure : The SQL used to get the part selection was
SELECT stockmaster.stockid, stockmaster.description, stockmaster.units, stockmaster.decmimalplaces FROM stockmaster INNER JOIN stockcategory ON stockmaster.categoryid=stockcategory.categoryid WHERE (stockcategory.stocktype='F' OR stockcategory.stocktype='D') AND stockmaster.mbflag <>'G' AND stockmaster.controlled <> 1 AND stockmaster.description LIKE '%HEX%' AND stockmaster.discontinued=0 ORDER BY stockmaster.stockid LIMIT 50 OFFSET 0
Hi, asperatus:

Thank you very much. I've committed your fix to svn.

Best regards!