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Full Version: webERP 4.12.3 User language problem
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Hi All;

I am setting up a demo for a client that requires to have some users using non-English UI language (namely Italian). I have set up a user to do this for demo. On login the UI is in Italian however soon I click on something it reverts to English and stays there. At first I thought it was Chrome doing auto language translate but browsing to an Italian site ( the site remained in Italian (ie was not auto translated).

Anyone faced similar issues? Any solutions or recommendations appreciated.

Probably a silly question but best to check the obvious first.

Is the Italian locale installed on the server?

Is it a windows or Linux server?

Hi Tim

It is Linux (Ubuntu). i do not think it is a matter of locale as Language is set in User Management.


Hi Ian, my experience is that the locale does need to be installed for the translations to work. If it_IT.utf8 isn't installed it is worth a try I think.

Will check.

Thanks Tim
Oh and also I have found for reasons that I cannot explain that after installing the locale it still doesn't work until apache is restarted. I would guess this has something to do with PHP but I can't explain it, just that I have found that it works on a number of installations over the years. Smarter people than me may be able to explain the technical details.

Adding locale it_it and it_IT.utf8 worked. Thanks.

I am listing how to do it to speed up resolution if someone else encounters problem.

Note: I only tried this on Ubuntu 14.04LTS.

locale -a <- lists all locales on machine
sudo locale-gen it_IT
sudo locale-gen it_IT.utf-8

After this is done restart Apache.

Thanks Tim.

Glad that it worked for you Ian.

Strange thing is it shouldn't require the locale installed but as you have seen it does. I have been intending for years to go back and look why this is but never had the time. Maybe one day I will get that time :-)