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Full Version: Wrong reports folder for account listing csv
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When I try to generate Account Listing CSV it is failing because $SESSION['reports_dir'] does not exist, however the code is posting the "wrong' company folder!

so instead of companies/mycompany2015/reports
it is posting companies/mycompany/reports

Where do I set , fix or change the company folder default location? or is this some bug?


In setup -> system parameters
(06-06-2015, 07:58 PM)phil Wrote: [ -> ]In setup -> system parameters

Hello Phil,

couldn't find system parameters in my setup screen?

attached is a screen shot.
Did someone modify the link text?

I show 'System Parameters', but in your image, it is the same postition as your 'Configuration Settings', so that is likely the one.
Yes looks like Rafael did for some reason... might have been in error as he knows all translations get wrecked if changes to existing labels so we decided only to change a label if there was a clear error in its naming.
I just went into PHPmyadmin and updated the reports_dir table in config. I think this happened b/c I imported an SQL file from a company with another name. I also update the part_pics_dir.

It works now.