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Full Version: Easier BOM managing
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Hi all developers,
I've introduced webERP 4.11.5 in a factory of electronic appliances.
The manufactured appliances have tens of parts and they include electronic boards with hundreds of electronic parts, so the multilevel BOM could have tousands of raws!
Is possible to introduce a one-level BOM managing or a possibility to collapse the BOM tree to only one level?
Is possible to introduce the column order selectable by part name?

Thank you for this incredible open source ERP!
Well you can create ghost items - that can have a BOM and then include this ghost item (for a common sub-assembly board) on a simple BOM so you don't need to duplicate all the raws on every item that includes this sub-assembly.
Thank you for your answer Phil,
I've used phamtom items in other ERPs, but (if the function is the same) this will in any case view tousands of rows in one level.
Imagine a BOM of a personal computer, if I have to change the hard disk code, is unuseful to see all the parts of the PC until the last resistor of the graphic card.
The level change is guaranteed by the links "drill down" and the "manufactured parent items".

Yes I see the issue - ironically the BOM script was written this way intially and enhanced to allow editing of lower levels in place too.
Hi Phil,
I've seen that simply commenting the calling of the recursive function display_children() stops the bom listing to the first level.
It could be an idea to set this as a setup option.
also, there is a variety of collabsibe and editable JavaScript trees which could help on display
sorry, I did not understand if there final solution given to the question here. Where can this editing could be done. Is it possible to edit the script to show only top levels with the option to drill down if necessary. A complicated BOM becomes very difficult to manage to the point that employees miss items. Now the only accurate way to check is in the items Costed Bill of Materials screen. So when setting up the BOM, the user jumps back and forth between the two screens to get the BOM set right. Just checking if there is a simple way around this. Tks for your advice.
I had a need for this functionality so I have coded it and issued a pull request.