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Full Version: Larger Item Category Properties
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I have a need for some items to print special receiving instructions on the GRN. For example. For some items I want a small sample of the product pulled for quality testing, labeled and delivered tot he quality lab. I may also want other "special Instructions" to print for FG on the W/O paperwork. I originally wanted to use the Item Category properties to do this however I have reached a limitation in that the field is only set for 100 characters and I will need more than this. So.... Should we increase the field length? Use a different data type? I don't want to invent a new screen or table to maintain this but I don't want to break anything already working.
What do the experts propose?
Well it is only 50 chars I think.
What about a number of different category properties fields. Or, if you are trying to write quite lot of info - perhaps we need to change it to a TEXT? Are you talking about

CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `stockitemproperties` (
`stockid` varchar(20) NOT NULL,
`stkcatpropid` int(11) NOT NULL,
`value` varchar(50) NOT NULL,
PRIMARY KEY (`stockid`,`stkcatpropid`),
KEY `stockid` (`stockid`),
KEY `value` (`value`),
KEY `stkcatpropid` (`stkcatpropid`)

There looks to be a mismatch between the defaultvalue in the stockcatproperties definition table and the actual "value" stored in this table above. We should change the two to be the same!
Yes, Text is what I want. So I can enter enough instructions to explain to somebody what needs to happen after receipt. And during a W/O Build. Not talking pages of information. Just up to a half page probably
I wonder if you use a wiki - presenting a link to the wiki might be the best solution
While that may be a good idea for sharing information internally I am really looking to beef up the paperwork, Many people in the warehouse in this type of work spend little if any time in the system. They are on the floor, on a fork lift, moving materials. The paperwork is key in sharing important information between the office and them.They basically stop by the office 2-3 times per day and pick up paperwork, they follow the paperwork and then return the paperwork to somebody who keys in the data.