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Full Version: Outstanding Sales Orders table doesn't sort - fixed
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The table in the Outstanding Order doesn't sort. This is due to the "Place P/O" Button and "Total Order Value" being included in the table itself.
This can be fixed by inserting the following code at line 1009

echo '</table><table>'; //closes sortable table and opens new table

Formatting change slightly but table sorting is functioning which is important for a company with a larger set of orders returned.
The other option would be to split the <td colspan> into individual <td> tags
Hello Andrew, you can use the <tfoot></tfoot> tags for the lines at the end, which makes the table sortable but keeps everything within one table, which will look better in some themes.

Hi, Andrew and Tim,

Thank you both of you. I've commit the fix to the trunk.

Thanks again!

Best regards!

Hello Exson. Thanks for your message. Which fix did you apply? Mine or Tim's Just curious so I can update mine if needed to match for future upgrades.
Hi, Andrew,

I've applied Tim's fixed.

Best regards!