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Full Version: Installation on Google App Engine and Google Cloud SQL
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Not sure if this should be in Installation issues or Feature requests
Can point me to a manual that describes how to install WebERP onto Google's App Engine and linking to Google's Cloud SQL ( ?

thanks for the post must be help full..
Actually, it doesn't look to complicated, but I can't say for sure.
Basically, from google's web site:
find your IP (type in What is My IP?) into google. You'll need to authorize connections from that IP to google cloud-sql. (your IP may change depending on your ISP, so it may need updating, but if you have a corporate internet plan that may not apply).
Then, just put in the information from your google cloud-sql account into the installer,
so for example, the host will be whatever IP and port google gives you, plus the user name and pass you use to connect.
I haven't tried for myself but you can read the docs in the link and let us know if you run into problems.