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Full Version: Differences between Inventory location Transfer and Bulk Inventory Transfer
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I have been experimenting with the differences between Inventory location Transfers and Bulk Inventory Transfer (Dispatch and Receive).
Conceptually I like the Dispatch - Receive 2 step process better (although I would have preferred the batch selection to be at shipment time, not receipt time). We may have use for the single shot transfer. The one difference I notice from an output form perspective is the use of Names Locations vs Warehouse codes. If using the single transfer the from location is named and the to location is the code.(From TX-Receiving To TX103) while the Bulk is all named. (From TX-Receiving to TX-Quality). This is due to the storage on the field 'reference' in the table 'stockmoves'.
For consistency I would like to be able to have PDFStockTransfer.php after receipt and historically and would like them to always show the Location Names. I see two ways of doing this. 1) Modify the PDF to find the Location of the "To" Location using some parsing and SQL and display it and 2) Modify the Insert into the DB to use the name. I prefer number 2 however I am wondering if anything downstream uses the code in the reference field because I don't wish to break that. So if anybody with more experience in WebERP can tell me if something downstream may blow up I will go with option 1 instead.
Also I would be curious to know if there is a standard across all different stock move types?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Andrew,
I can't think of an issue with this - the reference field is just text and nothing relies on it.
Thanks Phil
The reference field should have the full location description in it, on both sides of the transaction. The location codes are stored in the loccode field for both sides, so the best way would be to change the INSERT into the references fields of the stockmoves table.