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Full Version: Error in StockCheck.php (v 4.06.6)
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Testing webERP 4.06.6 found the following error at StockCheck.php:

ERROR Message Report : The demand for this product from cannot be retrieved because - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'AND stockmaster.mbflag='A'' at line 11

The SQL that failed was SELECT SUM((salesorderdetails.quantity-salesorderdetails.qtyinvoiced)*bom.quantity) AS dem FROM salesorderdetails INNER JOIN salesorders ON salesorders.orderno = salesorderdetails.orderno INNER JOIN bom ON salesorderdetails.stkcode=bom.parent INNER JOIN stockmaster ON stockmaster.stockid=bom.parent WHERE salesorders.fromstkloc='TOKUB' AND salesorderdetails.quantity-salesorderdetails.qtyinvoiced > 0 AND bom.component='ACCF01-BB' AND AND stockmaster.mbflag='A'

Probably a " or ' issue building the SQL sentence.

Line 11 of this file shows a different thing :-(

Probably this error was there before 4.06.6 (not sure), as it's the first time we tried to use the stock check options.
I don't think this is correct in sql: AND AND

I've fixed this ... not committed to svn yet ... will do later today
Thanks Ricard
NB. Stock check does not work with serialised stocks...
Thanks Phil. Will test it and come back if any issue.