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Full Version: Bug: Multicurrency error in SalesInquiry.php
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Hi all:

If you made 2 sales today:
1 of 2.000.000 IDR (functional currency) and
1 of 500 USD

SalesInquiry.php will show 2.000.500 as today's sales, instead of (aprox) 7.000.000 :-(

I think all extprices fields must be divided by /exrate
Fix commited to SVN: please check as there are many ways to use this script and probably I could not check all of them.
Hi, Richard:

Thank you for fix it.

Best regards!

Today I fixed another bug introduced when I commited this. Exchange rate must be included inside the SUM() sentences, not outside.

Sorry for the delay of 2 years to find it out.
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