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Full Version: Commercial Support Request
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I am setting up our business on webERP and I am interested in hiring consulting services in the form of a years subscription of phone support. Our business is a sports nutrition vending business set up in the US as an LLC. I have a basic accounting understanding, but I need help in understanding some aspects of the structure of webERP so that I can set up my products, sales types, LLC member accounts, etc.. in a way that works well with webERP. It would be helpful if the consultant was familiar with the LLC business type and members with capital accounts.

If you offer phone support in a different such as time blocks, I will also consider that. Our time zone is GMT-5, so it would be nice to stay near to that.
Hi Chris,
I am happy to help in any way I can - although I am not familiar with LLC? and my time zone is possibly an issue for you. GMT +12.
Since you have knowledge about accounting, have a chart of accounts for your business, then make sure under company preferences and configuration settings are just as you like in your business. Then that all.
Go through this
and the community will help you if you have issues.
Which you luck
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