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Full Version: Fixed Assets purchase order
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I don't know if this is a bug or how-to.

I am doing the following :

1. Create an asset in "Asset Manager"
2. Create a PO (Add a PO)
3. Receive PO using non-stock item of type asset.
4. Add Invoice for supplier against po.

I can see all correct transactions in GL, however Asset manager shows asses cost to be zero?!

Any help is appreciated.

turns out that this is a bug in the code, I found it.

AssetID was inserted in Supplier_partno wrongly.

I fixed it in PO_Items.php

Can you show me what lines you had to fix?
Hello Phil,

Yes, this the bit of code I changed:

if ($AllowUpdate == true){
//adding the non-stock item

0, /*Serialised */
0, /*Controlled */
Looks like this is already fixed in svn ... thanks for sharing though.
The change log lists the change as:
Quote:27/4/13 Samudaya: PO_Items.php When purchasing a non-stock item (asset), AssetID goes to wrong column in purchorderdetails table (Column name - suppliers_partno). Fixed the bug and now save the AssetID in the correct assetid column.
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