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Full Version: Help, can't install webERP on my localhost
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I tried to install a new copy of webERP on my localhost, which is a Windows based server. The MySQL database is created before installing. However, after clicking install button, it failed to run.

Detail of inputs, error message and database tables found are showing in attached screen cap. Please advise if anything I have done wrong. Thanks.

Environment: Win 7 + AppServ 2.5.10
webERP Version: 4.10.1
MySQL username: root
MySQL DB created: weberp_giga

It's hard to find what's wrong with you provided data.

You can find a some help from webERP chinese forum QQ group at 95563089.

Thanks and best regards!

There are detailed manual installation instructions at
Tim noted:

"His error screen, it says "table weberp.config can't be
found", so it is looking for a database called weberp.

However the screen shots of his install screen say database name is weberp_giga."
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