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Full Version: Security settings have not been defined for your user account
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As soon as I sort out 1 problem a new one arises.
This one got me stumped, I don't even know where to begin

ERROR Report : Security settings have not been defined for your user account. Please advise your system administrator. It could also be that there is a session problem with your PHP web server
Most likely this is related to the problems you had creating the database. You need to check that the following tables are all populated with the same data you had previously:


Hi Tim
What would I typically be looking for.
Hi Alan,

I have sent by email the data for those tables from my system here so we know they work. Can you apply them. It may throw some, or many errors, but persist and then see if you can login ok.

Hi Tim,
I can't even get to the login page.

I run
but end up with
in the tab plus the error.

I did run your scripts.
I just cleared my browser history and voila everything works. Angry
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