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Full Version: Database error on selecting 'GL Entries'
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When running 'Supplier Account Inquiry' and then selecting 'GL Entries', I get the following error.
Running latest from github.

Database Error 1054 :
Unknown column 'supptrans.ovdiscount' in 'field list'

Database SQL Failure : The SQL that failed was
SELECT supptrans.supplierno AS otherpartycode, supptrans.ovamount, supptrans.ovgst, supptrans.rate, supptrans.ovdiscount, suppliers.suppname AS otherparty FROM supptrans INNER JOIN suppliers ON supptrans.supplierno = suppliers.supplierid WHERE supptrans.type = '20' AND supptrans.transno = '163'
Hi Alan, this is a problem with this commit -

I am attaching the corrected file.


PaulT : I have sent a pull request to your release branch.

Thanks Tim, working perfectly again.

Thanks Tim, pulled!
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