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Full Version: Report Writer Template Scripts - Stray "/"?
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In all the template scripts we have:

PHP Code:
<input type="hidden" name="FormID" value="<?php echo $_SESSION['FormID']; ?>" /> 

Please not the closing "/" at the end.

Should this be:

PHP Code:
<input type="hidden" name="FormID" value="<?php echo $_SESSION['FormID']; ?>"
Yeah, there is some mixed use of XHTML format over non-XHTML usage here and there.

I'll fix that one tomorrow.

Is this causing an artifact or some other issue?

Searching the entire reportwriter area, I could only find one input with a closing />

If I search for: input*/> finds a few other entries, but due to a <br/> tag at the end of the line, but not at the input.
The report writer was written in a different style from the rest of webERP. The problem is that the guy who wrote it left the project and nobody has taken up maintaining it.
I have in my 'backlog' list to rewrite that area, but figured it to be a lower priority? (I could be wrong, though)
It's a big job which is why everybody has kept away from it!
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