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Full Version: UpdateCost Function at Work Order Receive/Close?
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If we receive materials into a Work Order and the value of the parent part (i.e., WO Item) changes should we be calling the UpdateCost() function for the parent part? What if the parent part is a child part within a BoM (or BoMs) for other part(s)?

I do see where we update inventory value when this occurs so I know this aspect is covered.

Perhaps this is already covered but I wanted to ask...
UpdateCost() should roll the costing up to all parents. At least it did but I know some changes were done
So here is what I see. BoM cost for parent:


Create WO for child and receive. BoM cost for parent increases:


But... Material cost at parent did not increase:

So this is an overhead issue again. The coil has overhead cost and the parent cost rollup rollup only accounts for material cost.
So if a BoM consists of M parts and the M parts have Labour and/or Overhead should not all this roll up to the parent part?
Or... I guess we are using Labour and/or Overhead as BoM items to make this work, right?
This is why I am losing $1.50:


It is on overhead where I guess it should be a BoM item.
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