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Full Version: EOQ Yield Quantity in BoMs?
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I added a column that shows quantity of each BoM line item multiplied by the EOQ.

This helps me see that the proper amount is being yielded - A sanity check of sorts.


If anybody is interested I will share the small change...
This reminds me that my new version of BOMs.php has not been pulled across yet. Is it still wanted?

As I said in my previous post it just needs pulling in by somebody with those permissions. I provided the link. If you are unsure how to do it, I know that Paul T does as he has done it before.

I should learn ... think I've done it!
Many thanks
Actually all you have to do is to generate a pull request between our two branches. It is two minutes of a job.

People should always do their work in their own branch and then get another developer to review the work and pull it. That way there are always two sets of eyes on the code stopping anything silly sneaking in.

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