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Full Version: Work Order Costing - Missing Qty / Cost
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When viewing Work Order Costing prior to any issues "Qty Reqd" and "Cost Reqd" show values of zero.

I changed the SQL on line 143 to use qtyreqd instead of qtyrecd.

Can somebody please check this for me?

Thank You!
If this is the line 143 that you referenced: (in case file versions differ)

PHP Code:
SUM(worequirements.qtypu*woitems.qtyrecd) AS requiredqty

...then yes, I'd agree that should instead be qtyreqd in the calculated sum, based on the AS alias reference. (instead of qtyrecd in the calculation)
Sorry about that... These two lines:

PHP Code:
SUM(worequirements.qtypu*woitems.qtyreqd) AS requiredqty,
SUM(worequirements.stdcost*worequirements.qtypu*woitems.qtyreqd) AS expectedcost 

Work Orders are about to become very important to us so I will be doing a lot of testing over the next few days...
So now on partial receipt and close we get a usage variance written to the GL...
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