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Full Version: Inventory Category - Adj. / Issues for Labor - SOLVED
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After searching all the code it appears Stock Categories of type Labor will never have adjustments nor issues (i.e., Stock Requests). If this is true perhaps we should hide selections for Inventory Adjustments GL Code and Internal Stock Issues GL Code.

Any thoughts on this?

Yes good point agreed
Thank you for checking on this Phil. Can we just default those accounts to GL Account 1?
I also do not see where a WIP GL Account is required for Stock Categories of type Labor.

What about the new Timesheet feature? How does that impact all of the above?
Indeed - this is not required either. I have removed those other GL account selections and will remove this too.

The GL entries on posting labour (from the new timesheet program) are to

Debit the WIP account of the item being manufactured on the work order
and credit the labour recovery account

effectively carrying the labour through to the balance sheet to match up with the cost of the items produced on that work order.
There is a snag in that the work order may have several items being manufactured on it - if the items belong to different stock categories it is possible that the WIP account might be different. However, I have just posted to the first item retrieved from the woitems table for that work order and looked up the WIP account from it's stock category. Any ideas on how we could do this any better? I suspect in 99% cases there will only be one WIP account anyway.
Yes... Same problem for me on Work Orders with respect to setup cost going over to the proper Stock Category -- I used the last entry.

I don't know of any good way to deal with this except by way of good data entry on the Work Order (i.e., group Stock Categories together per WO).
Looks great Phil - Thank you!
The problem with defaulting to a GL code of 1 is that code can't exist in many countries around the world. Half the countries or more don't allow a free form general ledger and the government mandates how the general ledger looks. You can't just arbitrarily create codes in these countries, you can only use the ones that the government gives you.

In the past Freight used GL account 5600 (as does demo):


Now we are limited to use of Balance Sheet accounts:


Shouldn't this actually be set to use P&L accounts? Is this not actually a recovery type of account?
And... Is this account really ever used during transactions since it is a DUMMY item type?
Actually it is a sort of inventory item and does belong with other inventory.
What will this do in terms of backwards compatibility?
FYI today we add freight to our POs and then use 5600 to track variances just to be sure we are in the black. Perhaps we should be using some sort of dummy inventory account instead? Variance on P&L but usage on BS?

Please forgive my ignorance...
For reasons I have stated many times we shouldn't hard code any GL code into webERP as it immediately makes it unusable in many locales. For instance in France, account 1 is the summary account for "Comptes de capitaux" or "Capital Accounts". So having webERP use it as a sort of catch all suspense account is just wrong (as an accountant I think catch all suspense accounts are an abomination anyway!!) .

In France, 5600 has no meaning at all, but 5800 for example means "Virements internes" or "Internal Transfers". The full French system is detailed here Variations on this apply throughout all Francophone countries. For instance the Moroccan version can be seen here I believe Spain amongst others has a similar system though I haven't worked as an accountant there.


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