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Full Version: Work Centre - Setup Hours
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In the WorkCentre table there is a field named "setuphrs" but I can find no references in any of the code.

Is this some sort of future feature that is in progress?
Never mind... I see this was never fully implemented...
How about we finish up SetupHrs and write it as a GL entry when the WO is closed (WIP <> WC GL Code)? As long as the quantity is > 0 at WO close doesn't this seem reasonable?

All we need to do is bring over the WC Code along with the part when it goes on the WO...
I am thinking this is a toughie ... we need a routing ... or a labour item in the BOM as we currently have which is set up against the applicable work centre and this routing would need to be established based on the normal EOQ/run-size to account for the set up time.
Agreed but in small facilities the setup time could be fixed per WC or we could have one WC with multiple entires using different SetupHrs as needed for BoM context.

For example we have things like DoALL and Bridgeport and setup time is always about the same. Though these are actually Resources and not WCs it is close enough.

In my opinion we are a very long way from true routing (i.e., Operation(s) > WorkCenter(s) > Resource(s))

I have already added WCs to MRP so it was just a thought...

+ Add GL entry for WC GL Account <> WIP at issue of WO
+ Add GL entry for WC GL Account <> WIP at close of WO

No matter how many pieces we make full setup will be realized unless total piece count is zero (i.e., no production occurred).

This is likely way more complicated than I realize. I am very familiar with routing but not with all the GL activity under the covers...
Yes I agree we don't have true routing. However, I am not sure of the value of having the full operation sequence and routings except perhaps in very large organisations that can afford the necessary administration overhead that maintenance of such a system would entail.
100% agreed which I why I feel if we could get setup time incorporated it would be a very good compromise.

In our case we need to blend batches of chemicals so setup time could be just a BoM item (we are ATO/CTO/PTO). However, in the case of most all my customers setup time can NOT be a line item in the BoM because the batch quantities vary greatly. In ETO and MTO environments setup time is a must. MTS can also be a problem if not using Economic Batch Quantity (i.e., batch sizes vary).

Perhaps just one GL entry at close of Work Order if quantity is greater than zero...
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