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Full Version: AppendPDF - Still Valid?
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Is this feature still valid? I see no references to /pdf_append/ in any scripts.
It appears TCPDF has limited or different "merge" capability:

You use your existing PDF as a "template":

PHP Code:

$pdf->_tplIdx $pdf->importPage(1);
If this feature is no longer supported should we kill any code related to "pdf_append"?

I'm not sure of this area, I'll have to look at it this weekend.
I am pretty sure this feature is long gone. Perhaps when we switched to TCPDF?

I like the idea T&C PDF appended to invoices but we can live without it...
I'm not sure this feature ever got fully implemented, but if it was it is long gone.

I have removed any and all references to pdf_append including folder(s) and appendfile field in stockmaster table and CopyBOM.php and Z_ImportStocks.php.

We may want to do the same for version 4.15.1...
Thanks Paul & Tim.

Elimination committed to webERP-team/webERP
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