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Full Version: Units in GL Transactions
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Just an idea... I think it would be nice to have Units in the GLTrans table...

For example this:

"Issue 5.0 of GW50855 to department Marketing Promotion from ENG"

Might be a little nicer as:

"Issue 5.0 GA of GW50855 to department Marketing Promotion from ENG"

In this way if the Units for an Item changes we have record in the GLTrans table.

Thoughts? Problems?

StockMoves table does not include Units. Might be nice to add it there as well as Units could change...
I am not sure that units should change once there are stock movements for an item, this leads to all sorts of issues elsewhere.

That said including the units in the GL transaction description would be a good idea. However the field should probably be expanded in size as some hosting companies have the sqlmode for mysql set to reject any transaction where the string being input is greater than the field size, rather than truncating it.

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