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Full Version: Z_CheckDebtorsControl Error? - SOLVED?
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I ran Z_CheckDebtorsControl.php and came up with some discrepancies. Before I go digging into this I wanted to first ask what is the purpose of this script?

Looks like we need to change:

PHP Code:
$SQL "SELECT SUM((ovamount+ovgst)/rate) 

To this:

PHP Code:
$SQL "SELECT SUM((ovamount+ovgst+ovfreight+ovdiscount)/rate) 

At least that's what worked in our case...
Paul, was that change applied at two places in this file?

I show:
PHP Code:
// line 99:
$SQL "SELECT SUM((ovamount+ovgst)/rate) AS totinvnetcrds ... 
PHP Code:
// line 111:
$SQL "SELECT SUM((ovamount+ovgst)/rate) AS totreceipts ... 
Am pretty sure that ovdiscount is only filled in by the receipt script but it won't actually do anything harm to change both.

Paul... I changed both lines in my script. Sorry about ambiguity...
No worries, Paul, just wanted to be sure.
Calculation fix committed to the bug_fixes branch.
Thank You!
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