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Full Version: Item Due Date
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In SelectOrderItems.php is the item due date intended to be the date it arrives at the customer or the date it is to be shipped? Assuming it is the date to be shipped, is there a way to change the default value from the current date to to the current day + 7 days?


You can use it anyway you like ... but intended to be the date the customer wants it by after shipped.
You can enter the default number of days to deliver in the customer branch set up - this is used to date the invoice ahead of the dispatch date - so there is no attempt to collect the debt before the expiry of the terms + the expected number of days to deliver,
Is this working? I set up a customer branch with default number of days to deliver greater than 1 in both my installation and the demo site. In both cases I couldn't find any place where the date was later than the current date.
In SelectOrderItems.php , DeliveryDetails.php or on the invoice.

Upon additional investigation, the manual says the delivery days field is "not currently used" yet it looks like the code is there to use it in SelectOrderItems.php.

I would appreciate any clarification you could give me.

Looks like this:
PHP Code:
$NewItemDue date($_SESSION['DefaultDateFormat']); 

Should be this in a few places:
PHP Code:
$NewItemDue DateAdd (Date($_SESSION['DefaultDateFormat']),'d'$_SESSION['Items'.$identifier]->DeliveryDays); 

Specifically on lines 1222 and 1271 in my case of non-kit parts being sold.

Also... Should we not compare that value to purchdata.leadtime value to be sure the dates work?

Can a webERP expert please help clarify?
No it doesn't work sorry - my dodgy memory!
Needs a fix to CalcEarliestDispatchDate() function in includes/ to add this many days to it ... must've intended to use it but never did!

The date it is due - needs to be manually set as this is the customer's requirement and may not be (although mostly I suspect is) ASAP.
If the assumption is ASAP then we would need to look at the preferred supplier lead time from purchdata - if it is setup and if it is a manufactured item we'd need to look at the sum of labour type components x quantity ordered in the BOM to accumulate manufacturing time and then work back based on current factory loading and capactities - which we don't currently hold any data for :-( So not really possible for manufactured items as it stands.

Thanks for clearing that up. It looks like it would be fairly easy to modify the code to put in a different default date. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't trying to do something that was already built in. With our current system it averages about 7 days (5 business days) from sales order entry to invoicing, so I'd rather have the target at 7 days out. If the customer really needs it before then it can be adjusted inward. The DIFOT Report is kind of useless if everything is late!
The complexity of doing capacity planning would be crazy especially with a large variety of products. Not something I'd be looking for.

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