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Full Version: Stock Usage
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This may be a basic question.
When I issue tooling (drill bits, cutters, consumable tooling), to our shop, I use an Internal Stock Request. Which seems to be working fine.

However, it does not show up when I run the script StockUsage.php, (Inventory Item Usage). I was looking at the script and it seems to only look at Types 10 (Sales Invoice), 11 (Credit Note), 28 (Work Order Issue).
Is there a reason for this? If so, how would I look at tooling usage?

Looks to be an error in the StockUsage.php script. I will have a look after the football Smile

You were correct in your diagnosis. The lines in the SQL statements that read:

SUM(CASE WHEN (stockmoves.type=10 Or stockmoves.type=11 OR stockmoves.type=28)

should be:

SUM(CASE WHEN (stockmoves.type=10 Or stockmoves.type=11 OR stockmoves.type=28 OR stockmoves.type=38)

and it should fix it.

How about Type 17 for Stock Issues?
You are right Paul, 17 should be used as well. I have done the changes, anybody that wants can pull the changes from to their own repository

Change committed to webERP-team and mine as well.
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