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Full Version: ImportBankTrans Error
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Line 63 has one too many opening parenthesis:
self::__construct(($ValueDate, $Amount);

Should be this:
self::__construct($ValueDate, $Amount);
Hmmm, that is already fixed in SVN. In fact, I applied that change in April last year! Wink

Not sure how you might have it the old way?

Oh well, good to know that it's already covered.
Tim, on a side note, at the top of the bank trans class file, the SVN version/timestamp line is present, but has not updated since 2009??

I've noted too, that in several other files that line is not updating. Is there something special with the format to make it work?

I search around sourceforge a bit, but I could not find a reference about that line, or my search terms were not finding the information.
Now then, that is stretching my memory a bit. Big Grin
It has to do with keyword substitution (, Nicholas Lee set this up when we moved to Subversion from CVS many years ago. As I remember the string


needs to be inserted at the beginning of the file and then subversion will substitute Id with the details of that revision. Looking at it that needs to be within a comment so

/* $Id$ */

but that's about as far as I remember. These days I only use Git as it does so much more and so much better so my subversion knowledge is sketchy at best.

Unfortunately, that link is dead now. Sad

Though that does make me think to look at SVN info instead of scouring sourceforge!

I'll carefully compare the files that are working against those that are not as well to see if there's any difference.
The link is not dead, there are extra chars at the end of the link in post 4.

Yes, it works now, thanks!
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