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Full Version: Payment to supplier
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I am using the latest script from svn.

I entered a payment to a supplier incorrectly. I then went in and tried to enter a negative payment to fix it (Payments.php). However, it will not allow it. When I click accept and process payment it draws a red box around the amount. I am assuming I can only enter positive numbers. Is this correct? Is there another way to fix the error?
Negative payments were allowed at one point. I will look a bit later to see what has changed
I have just tried it on the latest code and it accepted a negative payment. Can you give some idea of other things on the transaction, such as whether the currency of the bank account was the same as your accounting currency and the same as the supplier currency. What was the amount you entered?

I just tried it again and it works? It must have been something wrong in the format of the number?
Yes, most likely something it didn't like, maybe a , instead of a . or vice versa?
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