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Full Version: Indented BOM Listing - "12345678901234567890"
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What is the purpose of "12345678901234567890" text string at the top of the BoM between the Assembly PN and the line items below?

This is another place we are missing UoM after Quantity.
I think it was intended as a guideline for indentation but I think it is better off if it was removed.

UOM would definitely be an improvement for this report you are right.

Thank you for input on this. I added UoM and if used with drawings having the Sequence Number is also a must so line items can be matched to drawings.
This also occurs in BOMIndentedReverse.php.
We also have some very minor inconsistencies in headers and code in these two files.

As I am still a novice with respect to webERP coding conventions perhaps somebody can take a look at the two attached files and unify the header , SQL statements, and code positions to be sure meet standard webERP coding conventions...
Changes committed to SVN.
(12-19-2017 10:08 AM)TurboPT Wrote: [ -> ]Changes committed to SVN.

Thank you!
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