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Full Version: Supplier/Vendor Item Description - SOLVED
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Items > Purchase this Item from...

When placing and order for a stock/inventory item the Supplier/Vendor description is not coming over to the PO. Instead the PO is populated with our stock/inventory item description.

Is this perhaps due to some sort of setting?

Also... The "Next" button is disabled even though I have more results from the query...
Due to GROUP BY clause at the end of the SQL string returning multiple records instead of one record...

Okay... Here is the fix for the disabled "Next " button::


And here is the fix for using Supplier/Vendor Description in POs:

I did post a fix for the next button issue the other day in response to somebody else's question
Shame on me for not looking a little harder!
Tim/Paul does the "other fix" that Tim mentions here, negate the suggested change proposed above?

If so, I'll commit Tim's change from that link.

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