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Full Version: form data POSSIBLE?
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I was looking to learn/create visual basic window form application. seeing this would pull customer info from debtor account number and choose shipping warehouse, and would have a quick entry (10 to 15 items) and before a user would use this screen they would have to log in from the user table in weberp. Would this be possible
Why would you log in AFTER entering data?
Worse, how would you get the account and warehouse info without a login?
  1. This seems to be a security issue.
  2. It seems pointless to enter any data if one ultimately has no access?

Not trying to discourage your effort(s), just curious about the process.
I am sure it would be possible. ... just not sure why? Every attempt has been made to avoid proprietary closed software when great open equivalents are available. I used python with my POS application and retrieved the webERP data via XML-RPC - but if the software is on the same network as the mysql server then you could easily pull the data off directly.
I am learning some visual basic programming and wanted to try out some things. As to turbopt comment the user would login with there userid and password set up in the weberp application on the server and the screen I'm trying to make in visual studio would be a POS screen just for order entry. And again this is just a trial thing for me to learn things.
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