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Full Version: Change A Location Code Issue
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When changing a Location Code (in Utilities section ) the LocationsUsers table is not updated so the change process seems to be incomplete.

I had to change the LocCode in the LocationUsers table manually.
I added the following code to Z_ChangeLocationCode.php at line 236:

echo '<br />' . _('Changing user location records');
$sql = "UPDATE locationusers SET loccode='" . $_POST['NewLocationID'] . "' WHERE loccode='" . $_POST['OldLocationID'] . "'";
$ErrMsg = _('The SQL to update users records failed');
$result = DB_query($sql,$ErrMsg,$DbgMsg,true);
echo ' ... ' . _('completed');
Thanks for that update, Paul.

Missing table update change committed to SVN
You are very welcome my friend.
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