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Full Version: webERP on OSX 10, config file error
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Hi every one,
I am new this group. I have been able to get webERP runnung under Linux (Ubuntu 12.04) and Windows vista and XP using the bitnami lamp and wamp stacks. Apple is a whole different matter.

So far I have been able to get as far as the initial config screen only.
Once my settings have been added to the config screen and I hit install I get an error stating that there is already a config file inexistance and it needs to be removed. I then remove the file and repeat the process. I have now done this half a dozen times. What am I missing. I have removed all traces of previous install attempts.
Hi, I see that this is an old message, but if you still have that problem let me know, I successfully install in Snow Leopard.

Not sure why I have not responded sorry robh001.
I am guessing that this is a permissions issue and that the user running the web-server does not have permission to write to the directory where webERP is installed - need to ensure that the webERP directory on the web-server is writable so that the config.php file can be written out there.

Need to change it to unwritable after the installation is complete though
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