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Full Version: BankAccounts.php does not edit OK
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Hi all:
With latest BankAccounts.php, tried to edit some bank account and script does not show it properly. It gets cut just after "default for invocies" field (check attached file for a graphic proof).

It does not happen to all bank accounts, just to some, so it must be something data-related, but could not imagine what triggers this bug.

No error shown and nothing showed on error_log. Not sure when this behaviour appeared, has been long time since last time I used this script.
Hi Ricard, it is because the GL code is alpha numeric, but is not quoted in the sql. Line 407 needs to read:

$result = DB_query("SELECT invoice FROM bankaccounts where accountcode ='" . $SelectedBankAccount."'" );

and it should be ok.
Tim's change committed to SVN.
Thanks Paul :-)
(03-08-2017 04:24 AM)falkoner Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks Paul :-)

Thanks both of you! That was fast.
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