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Full Version: Item picture into Purchase orders
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Hi all:

We would like to have the picture into the Purchase order PDF. Is it possible?

How to modify the xml file to include it?

Is this still desired, or have you already done this?

If not, some questions, first:

1. Would the pictures be thumbnails? Considering "real estate" of the PO's output, I would think large pictures would be a very terrible idea. [what dimensions would be useful?] That said, even thumbnails might NOT be so great because of #2.

2. Where would it appear? [desired column placement?] Adding an image as a new column will reduce the content [width] of the other columns and/or cause the need to add additional text wrapping.

Also, this may be a specific feature only for your needs, as I'm not sure if web-erp would like this feature added, due to the issues posed in the questions presented above. [I could be wrong, we'll just have to see]

I may take a look at it, but it will depend on the answers.
Hi TurboPT: Yes, it is still desired ;-)

I did not understand how XML file worked, so I was afraid of messing around. I agree with you, a thumbnail should be enough. Where? Probably close to the item code (after or before, no big deal, should be ok).

If you need more info, pls let me know!

I edited my previous post, please double check that...

...and it's not just XML, there are some other aspects in play too.
Hi TurboPT:

If this change is going to happen I think it is time for a new layout. On it's current form , more than half A4 is lost by header information, and only less than half useful for the lines on the PO. For sure if the user purchases only a few items each time it's OK, but foir more than 10 it becomes a lot of pages.

It is only me, or someone else shares the same point of view?

Should we have a portrait PO?
I am not really a fan of the xml reports, there is very little flexiblity, it is difficult to modify the layout and the scripts are unreadable and as a consequence difficult to modify too.
happy if you want to revert to a normal more readable/modifiable report script.
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